<i>Yamaha</i> Audio - <i>Clavinovas</i> Dital Piano <i>user</i> <i>manual</i>, operation.

Yamaha clavinova cvp-103 user manual

Yamaha Audio - Clavinovas Dital Piano user manual, operation.

The Graded action is intended to reproduce more accurately the varying wehts of the hammers of an acoustic piano where the hammers vary in weht from the bass section to the treble. Later models use sample-based synthesis to produce the sound.


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Hher-end models, such as the CVP-600 Series from 2012, incorporate real wood keys and linear grading for added realism. Information comes in a MIDI or similar format either directly from the piano keyboard or from a stored source (from within the piano or via a computer or external sequencer).

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The synthesizer can imitate a large array of acoustic instruments, electronic instruments and other sound effects.

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All current (and many past) Clavinovas (CLP and CVP-Series) feature Yamaha's Graded Hammer technology, a mechanical system of small metal hammers, wehted to be similar to those of a real piano, which activates a dital pressure sensor that then translates into sound.

Yamaha clavinova cvp-103 user manual:

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