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"I think I walked out on Fantastic Four," Mikkelsen told Shortlist. It's not about you, I'm sorry, this is wrong.'" Mikkelsen went on to talk about the often bizarre and disheartening experience of auditioning for movies and TV. It's like, "Guys, couldn't you have picked a different kind of scene to this?


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This is f***ing mad.' You feel like an idiot." While Mikkelsen didn't state which role in Fantastic Four he was auditioning for, an interview earlier this year suggests that it was to play Reed Richards aka Mr. TV3 stated that "after being asked in the casting office to pretend to extend his arms like a rubber man, he was so embarrassed that he thought, 'I can't do this anymore.'" Fantastic Four hit theaters in August 2015.

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"I think the truth is we would not make another Fantastic Four movie until it was ready to be made," Kinberg told Collider.

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Even major Hollywood actors have to audition for movies, and it doesn't always go well.

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