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Problems with manual entry of data

Data Entry/Tracking Issue - iSixSma

The “flash crash” wiped out $1.1 Trillion of investor dollars and even though most of that was quickly regained, it left the market badly shaken. It appears that a single keystroke error was to blame.


Overcoming the Top Pitfalls of Manual Invoice Processing

The letter “B” was inserted in a sell order instead of the letter “M”.

<strong>Data</strong> <strong>Entry</strong>/Tracking Issue - iSixSma

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Billion was input where Million should have been and it trgered a ripple effect through the automated financial .

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Costly errors in the events business mht not have as many zeros as that epic fail, but when it’s your event or your exhibitor who has to deal with a problem caused by a keystroke mistake, it can seem just as bad.

Problems with manual entry of data:

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