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Free download snals systems and transforms by charles phillips.

Becasuse I am busy and work and once it is hacked i will put all my stuff on it anyway.. When it comes back, verify it works, then drop in the new drive. If Ti Vo hacking were more standardized, then I don't think we'd have as much of an issue but I suppose it wouldn't be as fun either.


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yes selling images and hacked boxes to newbies does but that is a whole different matter..found a series 3 image on my own thanks anyway.. any advice thanksfound a series 3 image on my own thanks anyway.. Copy existing hard drive to new drive and verify new drive works. Since you aren't comfortable with doing the prom mod yourself, I'd suggest sending it off with the orinal drive in place. So much so that I wrote a simple script that automatiy archives all of the hacks and changes I make for quick deployment in the event of a drive wipe or upgrade gone awry.

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Which you COULD have hacked while waiting for the prom mod. I have hacked quite a few tivos Then you know, you could have hacked it yourself, in less time than you spent finding an image, and typing posts defending the fact you didn't want to DIY I wouldnt have made it to the diamond level... ;-)I have a standardized tarball of a root filesystem with everything set just the way I like it. I keep a copy of that tarball on "/", and can install it to the alt. I must have restored that way a half dozen times the last time I tried to make mfs_ftp do something.

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It's not the size of your postcount, it's how you use it.: Dyou are rht hacking it is not what takes the time.. Install hacked kernel, mkfs alternate root partition/extract tarball, flip bootpage, boot system, and run the scripts that perform hacks not in the rootfs (ie mfs, e.g. If I ever get that one to work, I'll include it in my backup tarball faster than you can say, "Tar!! I would buy one from dvrupgrade but it is not avail. Please PM me Thanks If you want a 6.x image for the HR10-250, then you want 6.3, not 6.2. I need a DISK IMAGE for a Sony SVR-2000 Series 1 Tivo Any version. Yes, I have tried many of the usual places.) Gracias!

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