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Panasonic 1 1 th Generation Full Hh Definition Plasma Display TV This Seminar covers the following models: TH-42PX80U, TH-50PX80U, TH-42PZ80U, TH-46PZ80U TH-50PZ80U, TH-42PZ85U, TH-46PZ85U, and TH50PZ85U Panasonic Technology and Service Company National Training This page is purposely left blank.


Panasonic TH-42PX80U won't turn on - AVS

2 Panasonic ideas for life Prepared by Cesar Perdomo Panasonic Service and Technology Company National Training Copyrht © 2008 by Panasonic Service and Technology Company All rhts reserved.

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Panasonic Product Support - TH-42PX80U

3 Panasonic ideas for life fable Of Contents Subject Page Subject Page Topics 5 D board SOS Detect (Explanation) 49-51 Models Line-up (46” PDP TV Introduction for 2008) 6 2 Blinks Error Code Block Diagram 52 Models Comparison 7 Troubleshooting 2 Blinks Error Code 53 TH-XXPX80U 5 Blinks Error Code Block Diagram 54 TH-42PX80U Comparison to Last Year’s Models 8 Troubleshooting 5 Blinks Error Code 55 Connectors Location (TH-42PX80U) 9 D16280(D280) Location (8 Blinks) 56 Power Supply/Snal Process/Panel Drive Circuit 10-11 8 Blinks SOS Detect Circuit 57 Power Supply (Standby) TH-42PX80U-TH50PX80U 12 Sustain Drive Board (SS) Isolation 58 Standby Operation 13 Sustain Drive (SS) Board Isolation (Explanation) 59 Connectors Location on the P board (TH-42PX80U) 14 SC/SU/SD Board Isolation (Explanation) 60 Power On Operation TH-42PX80U-TH50PX80U 15 DRV Reset (6 Blinks) 61 Power On Circuit Explanation 16 Drive Reset Circuit Explanation 62 Voltages Distribution (TH-42PX80U) 17-18 SU/SD Board Isolation (Pictorial) 63 TH-XXPZ80U and TH-XXPZ85U SC/SU/SD Board Isolation (Explanation) 64 Boards Name and Function (TH-XXPZ80U/PZ85U) 20 SC/SU/SD Board Isolation (Block Diagram) 65 Board Layout 21 Symptoms caused by defective SD boards 66 TH-42PZ85U 22-23 Symptom Caused By Defective SU Board 67 TH-42PZ85U Connectors Location 24 A board SOS Detect Block Diagram 68 TH-42PZ85U D Board and C Boards Location 25 A board SOS Detect (Explanation) 69 Start-up Process 26-27 Dital Snal Processor Block Diagram (TH-42PZ85U) 71 Start-up Process Block Diagram 28 Dital Snal Processor Explanation (TH-42PZ85U) 72 Start up Process Description 29 Switching to 4:3 to confirm problem with the A board 73 Start up Process Description 30 D Board (Format Converter/Plasma Al Processor) 74 Start-up Process Explanation 31 Circuit Explanation 75-76 Sub-Voltages Distribution Block Diagram 32 Pictures Of symptoms caused by the D board 77 Sub-Voltages Distribution Explanation 33 Service Mode 79 Troubleshooting 10 blinks Condition At Plug in (Schematic) 34 Internal Test Patterns 80 Troubleshooting 10 blinks Condition At Plug in 35 Self Check 81 Power On Operation Block Diagram 37 Check Point 82 The Power On Circuit Explanation 38 Self Check Menu 83 Voltages Distribution 39 How To Reset 84 T roubleshooting 1 0 blinks Condition Power On (Schematic) 40 Data Copy To SD Card 86-87 Troubleshooting 10 blinks Condition Power On 41 Data Copy From SD Card to The TV 88 Circuit Operation When A6 and A7 are Removed 43 How to Copy Self Check Data To SD Card 89-90 Circuit Operation When A6 and A7 are Removed 44 Software Upgrade 91-94 Picture of connector A6 and A7 location 45 Picture Refresh 95-96 Power LED Blinking timing chart 47 Extension Cable List 97-98 D board SOS Detect 48 Extension Cable TH-XXPX80U (A Board) (P Board) 99-102 4 4 Panasonic ideas for life Topics Models Line-up (46” PDP TV Introduction for 2008) HD Models/Full HD Models Standby Operation Power-on Operation Shutdown Detect Circuit Troubleshooting Snal Process Circuit Panel Drive Circuit Adjustments Service Notes 5 5 Panasonic ideas for life Models Line-up (46” PDP TV Introduction for 2008) Panasonic has introduced a 46” PDP TV for 2008 2008 Panasonic PDP TV Series (11 th Generation) 42” 46” 50” 58” 65” HD TH-42PX80U (1 P Board) TH-50PX80U (1 P Board) FHD TH-42PZ80U (1 P Board) TH-46PZ80U (2 P Boards) TH-50PZ80U (2 P Boards) FHD TH-42PZ85U (1 P Board) TH-46PZ85U (2 P Boards) TH-50PZ85U (2 P Boards) FHD TH-42PZ800U (1 P Board) TH-46PZ800U (2 P Boards) TH-50PZ800U (2 P Boards) TH-58PZ800U (2 P Boards) FHD TH-46PZ850U TH-50PZ850U TH-58PZ850U TH-65PZ850U All the new 42” PDP TVs only have 1 “Power Supply” (P) board.


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Panasonic px80u owners manual:

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