<i>Open</i> <i>Channel</i> <i>Hydraulics</i> 2nd edition Rent 9780073397870.

Open channel hydraulics sturm solution manual free

Open Channel Hydraulics 2nd edition Rent 9780073397870.

In addition, he has taught continuing education courses on river hydraulics, culvert desn, and bridge scour. Sturm was named the Georgia Engineer of the Year in Education by the Georgia Engineering Alliance.


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A licensed professional engineer (PE), he holds the rank of professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he teaches a graduate course sequence in open channel hydraulics and sediment transport. Hydraulic Measurements and Experimental Methods Conference, Snowbird Utah, Aug.

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Terry W. Sturm School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

He is the author of numerous research publications on thermal hydraulics, open channel flow resistance, compound channel hydraulics, bridge abutment scour, and resuspension of cohesive sediments, and he has written a textbook on open channel hydraulics published by Mc Graw-Hill which is in its second edition. Sturm's research has been supported by agencies such as the National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, U. Geological Survey, Georgia Department of Transportation, Federal Hhway Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and the U. Sturm, Terry W., Hong, Seung Ho, and Biering, Celio, “Planning Research on Future Core Technologies in the Field of River Management,” Final Report submitted to Korean Institute of Construction Technology (KICT), School of CEE, Georgia Tech, November 2013.

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His most recent experimental research centers around the sediment-water interface in natural watercourses and the hydrodynamic processes that occur there such as flow resistance, cohesive sediment resuspension, and local bridge and spillway scour. He is a Life Member of ASCE, and he served from 2010 to 2014 as Chief Editor of the ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering. Sturm received the ASCE-EWRI Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award. , Evaluation of Bridge Scour Research: Abatement and Contraction Scour Processes and Prediction, NCHRP Document 181 , Transportation Research Board, National Academy of Sciences , 2011. W., Hong, Seung Ho, and Hobson, P., Estimating Critical Shear Stress of Bed Sediment for Improved Prediction of Bridge Contraction Scour in Georgia, Final Report Project 0404, Georgia Department of Transportation, 2008.

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