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Battletech The Crescent Hawk's Inception - Manual, Docs.

While the current Heavy Metal programs do not completely support all of the new equipment, Leon Shirow has generously supplied custom weapons files for all of the programs, making it possible to desn using all of the latest equipment.

<strong>BattleTech</strong> Tabletop Game - TV Tropes

BattleTech - 1d4chan

The Weapon BV Calculator has always been very useful, but now it's been updated to cover even more.

BattleTech Tabletop Game - TV Tropes

All of the possible missile/cluster hits from Total Warfare have been included (like17 and 29), maximum range has been increased to 40, and most important, you can enter separate damage values for Short, Medium and Long Range (for those Heavy Gauss Rifle lookalikes)!

New tech manual weapons battletech:

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