Total Compound Bows <em>Browning</em> F5 <em>Tornado</em> Compound Bow

Browning f5 tornado manual

Total Compound Bows Browning F5 Tornado Compound Bow

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$29.95 each for Radio Amateurs On the Cover: Model 15 courtesy of Alan Brown Sr, W1VTP. Then dust off that soldering iron— K9EUI's no- nonsense terminal unit gives store-bought performance at a build-it-vourself nriro If OF 1 11 Secrete of Telehamniing When the bands are dead, try trading your transmitter for a telephone.

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Tone EXL-5000E courtesy of Amateur-Wholesale Electronics, Miami. Operators are standing by ,.,,.■•■■■■ ■ r\ W / t_ QSK for Your Vintage Vfo All rt takes is an hour.

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Issue #297 OUR 25th ANNIVERSARY YEAR for June 1985 $2,50 USA $3*50 Canada A CWC/P Publication The New RTTY! U urs International Edition l\ The Nicest Things Come In Small Packa *v w r* "% * The SS-32HB is a new hybrid sub-audible encoder plucked from Communications Special- ists' Hothouse.

Browning f5 tornado manual:

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