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Learn combat ss, survival s, intellence and surveillance ss. However, when the term is used to refer to a soldier in a regular national army, it is usually considered an insult, epithet or pejorative.


West Point - 404

In the Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions (GC) of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol I), 8 June 1977 it is stated: Art 47.

Ing A Myth Marine Corps Association

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Pre WWI military antiques (28) Pre WWI military insnia (49) WWI US military antiques (82) WWII vehicle related (38) WWII snal corps (33) WWII uniforms, hats.

Ing A Myth Marine Corps Association

Clothing (74) WWII Ordnance Worker Patches (23) WWII US shoulder patches (207) WWII distinctive unit insnia (111) WWII Air corps/forces insnia (105) WWII miscellaneous insnia (290) WWII USMC items (64) WWII souvenir items (139) WWII Ordnance items, ammo (28) WWII military edged weapons (31) WWII US weapon related (101) WWII military field gear (37) WWII US medical collectables (40) WWII US ski troop equipment (33) WWII misc.

Army field manual 23-65:

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