R4 Beast 3.06 Ratio w/Transbrake 1100 HP Transmission

700r4 manual reverse valve body

R4 Beast 3.06 Ratio w/Transbrake 1100 HP Transmission

I pulled the governor that was replaced by Andy during the rebuild and noticed that it was completely different from the one that was replaced, so as a first step I thought I would try the orinal governor back in it.


TH 700r4 gearbox problems - uk

After wating over a month and numerous phone s chasing progress (which were never returned), I collected the car from Andy Frost Race Transmissions / Penn Autos, still faulty.

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It still slips in 4th gear -Moving forwards; One option is to fit either a .500 or .570 boost valves to increase line pressures (Although I have no idea whats currently fitted, one of the downsides of not rebuilding yourself) or to fit a TCI full reverse manual valve body. ($170 shipping -Fitting the boost valve back into the housing is a complete nhtmare.

Vette with manual valve body - YouTube

He didn't seem that interested in discussing the issue any further and I didn't want to get into a blazing row over it, so I left and drove it home.

700r4 manual reverse valve body:

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