Game desn Ellard - Tom Ellard

U.t.s. wwvb radio control manual

Game desn Ellard - Tom Ellard

You can wander around the island as much as you like, see the shts. Two months out from launch the island is built, the wind blows and the water ripples.


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Which came with Adelaide Festival 2013, you’d re there was an underground bunker, and a back story about a ‘princess’ trapped in there, exploited in a dream like manufacturing process. Let’s say they piped out this ‘witches milk’, put it in silos, put it in bottles to power things.

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Let’s say much later people started to d up these bunkers for the explosive energy they contained.

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But any place where there’s trouble, there’s treasure. It’s essentially a music album, fuelled by toxic ‘witches milk’.

U.t.s. wwvb radio control manual:

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