What Is A <em>Radio</em> <em>Wave</em>

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What Is A Radio Wave

If it doesn't eject and/or it displays "Disk error" then you'll need to do the Part II steps. Don't overdo this or you'll damage various ribbon cables inside.


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Use extra hands or a prop to keep it open this amount.5.

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The Bose Wave Radio/CD

Reach inside and tilt-up the front of cd player's metal housing just enough to access the rims of the cd(s) within the space created in step 4.6. I too had a cd stuck in my Bose Wave player, and I followed your instructions. In Part II above, the author goes down the wrong path by continuing to work on the device while it's still upside down.

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Pinch the rim(s) of the cd(s) and gently pull it/them out.7. However, after I closed the player, it won't take cd's at all anymore; feels like the cd's metal housing box is too low, and the "clips" won't open for my cd to go in. After removing the five screws, flip the device rht side up, then simply lift the cover off. CD tray came to life, and I was able to remove the disc.. My daughter got her Bose for a graduation present from her fav.

User manual for bose wave radio:

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