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Sound like we all been going through the same thing with this error, like many of you I used to blow it and have the dust blow in my face too! after a while I had to open it up, take out the side fan and back fan and clean them up and then the error would go, a couple of months ago that fix no longer worked, had to replace the side fan which only cost £2 and it came from china, and then the back fan would no longer move no matter how much I cleaned it, I thought I would have to replace it but I didn't thanks to Bill's post, I peeled of the sticker and put a quick spray of WD40 it then started spinning freely, I now have a working system again. I opened up my Panasonic portable stereo system and blew the dust out but also noticed a Fuse blown. (It would probably work adequately well without removing the cover, there is a fan vent at the rear near the power, and one at the rht hand side.) Works fine now. This code is caused by the rear electric fan malfunctioning.


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I have SA-HT441,home theater,and the rear fan was sticking,causeing f61 error. i have the PANASONIC SC-BTT430 DVD HOME THEATRE SOUND SYSTEM. The only fuse inside the compartment had " F1 125w 2A " labeled next to it. I had the same problem and after replacing the fans my unit works like new.

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What does the F61 error code mean on my

Silver Type Notes: This model's CD mechanism changer unit is CRS1.

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