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Panasonic 557 projector service manual

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As a result, the monitors were free from import tax but they were subject to 20% VAT. In lht of all this, the Italian customs authority declared the screens as not falling under the heading reserved for computer monitors but rather as screens falling under the heading 8528.


Refrerators Panasonic NR CY557GWPH

The Italian customs authority in Milan disagreed with Panasonic Italia’s desnation of the imported screens. Accordingly, Panasonic Italy was deemed to have imported plasma-TV screens, and these were subject to a 14% import tax.

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Case C-472/12, Panasonic Italia – imported computer

When an object is described as a computer monitor screen for the purposes of EU anti-dumping law, should that object really be classified as a plasma-TV screen when it can be easily used to receive television snals and it can also be attached to DVD players or satellite receivers?

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Facts Between 20, the Italian branch of Panasonic was importing plasma screens into the EU from non-EU countries.

Panasonic 557 projector service manual:

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