Dital Video Camera Recorder - <em>Sony</em>

Manual sony dcr trv33

Dital Video Camera Recorder - Sony

Let me know if this helps I, too, have the identical camera mentioned here (Sony Dital 8 DCR-TRV460, and can't get it to record FROM my JVC VCR to the camera.


Sony Handycam DCR-TRV33 Mini DV Camcorder eBay

If thats threw would there be any other way to record video and audio from the vcr to the camcorder? the camcorder im thinking of getting is the Sony DCR-TRV460 Dital8 Handycam Camcorder is it possible to record audio and video to it?

Dital Video Camera Recorder - <em>Sony</em>


Thx for the help I believe that camera has analog to dital conversion. It will come with an audio/video cable that you plug into the camera and vcr and you can record with the camcorder.

Sony DCR-TRV33 - Dital Handycam Camcorder Manual

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Manual sony dcr trv33:

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