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Manual de calculadora casio cfx-9850gc plus pdf

Casio Cfx 9850gb Plus Manual - qbeaa.us

Battery life for the primary power cells ranges from 300 hours (LR03 battery) to 200 hours (R03 battery) for continuous display of main menu. The calculators weh about 190 grams including batteries, and measure about 19.7 mm x 83 mm x 176 mm.


Casio Cfx-9850gb Plus -

Features include scientific calculations, including calculus, graphing and programming, statistics and matrix operations.

Fx-9750G <i>PLUS</i>/CFX-9850G <i>PLUS</i>/CFX

CFX9850GC PLUS Eng - world.

The back of the device shows a slhtly protruding battery case cover, which slides out to reveal the compartment for the four AAA alkaline batteries used for primary power, and a CR2032 lithium button cell used for memory backup when primary power is down or being changed.

Casio Cfx 9850gb Manual - qucjy.us

The device consumes power at the rate of 0.06W, and turns itself off automatiy after about 6 minutes of time spent without any keypad activity.

Manual de calculadora casio cfx-9850gc plus pdf:

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