<b>Linksys</b> <b>SE2800</b> <b>8-Port</b> Gabit <b>Ethernet</b> <b>Switch</b>

Linksys se2800 8-port gigabit ethernet switch manual

Linksys SE2800 8-Port Gabit Ethernet Switch

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Linksys Se2800 8-port Gabit Ethernet Switch Manual

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<b>Linksys</b> <b>SE2800</b> <b>8-Port</b> Gabit <b>Ethernet</b> <b>Switch</b>

LINKSYS SE2800 Unmanaged 8-Port Gabit

To save energy, the Linksys SE2800 has an auto power-down feature that disables unused ports.


The Linksys SE2800 ($74.99 list) is an 8-port Gabit Ethernet Switch that comes with a wired connection speed of up to 1,000Mbps and power saving features.

Linksys se2800 8-port gigabit ethernet switch manual:

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