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The maintainers state that "Texinfo" should be written with only a capital "T" and the rest of the letters in lower case.


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In order to make it possible for several documentation output formats to be updated all at once, upon changing the orinal Texinfo (.texi) source file, several syntax converters are available that can be used to generate transliterations of the Texinfo file into other formats.

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HOWTO Install the MinGW GCC Compiler Suite MinGW

Most of these are created using the .) The Device independent file format is output by the Te X typesetting system, and can be used for generating device-specific commands that can be viewed or printed; for example, translation to Post Script (.) Based on the Post Script language, this format was developed by Adobe Systems for portable document interchange.

Clang Compiler User's Manual — Clang 5 documentation

Using the various output generators that are available for Texinfo, it is possible to keep several documentation types up-to-date (such as on-line documentation provided via a Web site, and printed documentation, as generated using the Te X typesetting system) using only a single source file.

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