HOWTO Install the MinGW <b>GCC</b> Compiler Suite MinGW

Gcc manual single page

HOWTO Install the MinGW GCC Compiler Suite MinGW

The main purpose of Texinfo is to provide a way to easily typeset software manuals.


Texinfo - pedia

Similar to the La Te X syntax, all the normal features of a book, such as chapters, sections, cross references, tables and indices are available for use in documents.

HOWTO Install the MinGW <b>GCC</b> Compiler Suite MinGW

GCC - - AVR Libc Reference Manual - Atmel

Using the various output generators that are available for Texinfo, it is possible to keep several documentation types up-to-date (such as on-line documentation provided via a Web site, and printed documentation, as generated using the Te X typesetting system) using only a single source file.

Embedded System Tools Reference Manual UG1043 - Xilinx

The official Texinfo documentation states that the first syllable of "Texinfo" is pronounced so as to rhyme with "speck", not "hex"; this pronunciation is derived from the pronunciation of Te X, in which the X represents the Greek letter "chi" rather than the English letter "ex".

Gcc manual single page:

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