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Advanced pistol marksmanship manual

How to shoot a handgun accurately Backwoods Home

When it comes to personal defense, most people favor the handgun because it is compact, portable, and effective.


How To Improve Your Handgun Accuracy In One Easy

But there are a lot of misconceptions and myths about using pocket pistols in combat.

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To go into a little more detail, let’s look at the factory specified wehts of a few common handguns: By now you’re probably thinking, “OK, Tom, that’s a fascinating display of your ability to read the Beretta catalog, but what does that have to do with never missing a target? Now, let’s add one more piece of information to that list of gun wehts.

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Now, we’ll consider the weht AND the number of pounds of trger finger force required to fire the pistol.

Advanced pistol marksmanship manual:

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