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Service training manual for staff

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This means you must build a service that’s as inclusive as possible.


Bartender Manual for Training Bartenders -

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If you exclude anyone from using your service based on disability, you may be in breach of the Equality Act 2010.

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Welcome To Xyz Company The Value of a Complete Dining Experience Your Best Image Proper Hand Washing Procedures Safety Summary of Tasks Performed Bartender Ss and Responsibilities Positive Communication and People Ss Knowledge - A Key to Success Teamwork Ashtray Maintenance Suggestive Selling Tips of the Trade Reporting to Work and Check-in Procedures Opening Procedures The Receipt of Cash Drawer Money Responsibility Your Assned Well Opening Setup Duties Ongoing Duties Operating Procedures Guest Service Tips Bar Service Steps Handling Tableware Handle To Go Items Accepted Payments Making Wait Staff Beverages Order-taking Procedures Computer POS Terminal Procedures Handling Bar Mistakes and Liquor Transfers Team Member Bar Guidelines Closing Procedures Departing from Work and Check Out Procedures A Final Word Statement of Compliance Our manuals give you the ability to customize your restaurant-specific information.

Service training manual for staff:

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