<em>Rocktron</em> <em>voodu</em> <em>valve</em> online - Craslist Maine

Rocktron voodu valve user manual

Rocktron voodu valve online - Craslist Maine

Doesn't go into the level of amp-emulation detail of the ADA Ampulator, but is miles ahead of more typical preamp/multifx processors such as the Di Tech 2120 with "programmable speaker simulator" which has little more than two settings: on or off.


Manual - American Musical Supply

Strives for total tube-amp emulation, not just "speaker simulation", breaks out of the mere, so-ed "preamp" league -- which says "pre" "amp", which means *not* amp-like.

<em>Rocktron</em> <em>voodu</em> <em>valve</em> online - Craslist Maine

Rocktron Voodu Valve Preamp ROCKTRON_ROC415 - $1,359.00.

Mht have a badly needed feature, pre-distortion eq.

Rocktron 0061211 AC Adapter for Prophesy/Chameleon/VooDu.

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Rocktron voodu valve user manual:

Rating: 93 / 100

Overall: 98 Rates