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M/EEG Preprocessing and experimental desn - UCL

A physiological role of this “closed” conformation is unknown but may represent a polymerase mode, in contrast to an editing mode with an open exonuclease site.


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This archaeal B DNA polymerase structure provides a starting point for structure-based desn of polymerases or lands with applications in biotechnology and the development of antiviral or anticancer agents.


Crystal structure of a thermostable type B DNA polymerase from

Comparison with the mesophilic B type DNA polymerase gp43 of the bacteriophage RB69 hhts thermophilic adaptations, which include the presence of two disulfide bonds and an enhanced electrostatic complementarity at the DNA–protein interface.

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In contrast to gp43, several loops in the exonuclease and thumb domains are more closely packed; this apparently blocks primer binding to the exonuclease active site.

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