<b>Lenovo</b> ThinkPad <b>X61</b> <b>Tablet</b> - Hardware Components and Drivers.

Lenovo x61 tablet manual

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet - Hardware Components and Drivers.

I'm using this thread for X61/X61 Tablet owners to get together and help each other fure out how to get this thing working as a hackintosh.


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I will continue to edit this head posting as we come across new ideas.

A step by step guide to build a ThinkPad <strong>X61</strong>/<strong>X61s</strong> with IPS screen.

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This is just how I was finally able to get it to work.

A step by step guide to build a ThinkPad X61/X61s with IPS screen.

I went start to finish, but I have not scanned for errors or omissions, and likely missed something. This is now the new hotness, and I successfully got 10.6 installed on my X61 tablet.

Lenovo x61 tablet manual:

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