Operating <i>Instructions</i> Ultra-Slim <i>Storage</i> and

Creda storage heater instruction manual

Operating Instructions Ultra-Slim Storage and

This fast responding storage heater can raise temperature on demand to meet your environment requirements.


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Creda storage heaters also meet UK Energy Efficiency Best Practice Housing standards, excellent for energy efficiency.

<i>Creda</i> Heating - Download <i>Manuals</i> and

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Combining economy, fast response and easy controls Creda Eco Response provide constant low level background heat to prevent the frame of the storage heater from cooling. Creda TSR Supaslim Combination Fan Storage Heaters Creda TSR Supaslim range of combination storage heaters have a built in fan heater and manual input charge control.

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Creda storage heater models include: Eco Response, TSR Slimline, TSF Turbo, Sensor Plus, SFHA Sensair, fan assisted and combination storage heaters.

Creda storage heater instruction manual:

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