<b>Celestron</b> <b>Ultima</b> 8 Telescope

Celestron ultima 2000 user manual

Celestron Ultima 8 Telescope

Are correct - if you've accidentally set your observing location to California, but you're really in Colorado, that will make a b difference! Briefly: first use a program like Photoshop to create a panorama from individual pictures. Then go to the Horizon & Sky settings in Sky Safari, click the button next to the menu of panoramas, browse to the select your panorama PNG file, and open it.


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Your finished horizon panorama must be a 4096 x 2048 pixel image in PNG format, with alpha (transparency) indicating clear sky vs. Here's an example, sent to us with permission by Roger Greenwood in Massachusetts, USA.



It's not as accurate as a well-done photographic panorama, but it is really easy to create, especially if you've used Observer Pro to measure your horizon. But I've got "show horizon and sky" checked, and/or a panorama selected, in my Horizon & Sky Settings. If you're running Sky Safari Plus or Pro, make sure your coordinate system is set to Horizon coordinates. If set to Equatorial, Ecliptic, or Galactic coordinates, the horizon will not be shown.


Click the preview image below to view the full-sized PNG, which you can import into Sky Safari as an example: Click the preview image above to view and download the full-sized PNG of Roger's Back Yard.

Celestron ultima 2000 user manual:

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