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Bijoux terner sport watch instruction manual

Instructions for Sports Watches LIVESTRONG. COM

Known for its wide assortment of accessories and simple price point strategy, Bijoux Terner has over 35 years of experience desning, sourcing, and selling accessories inspired by global fashion trends.


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In Cuba, Terner had been the president of the National Association for Handbag Manufacturers and, shortly after arriving in the United States, he launched a handbag manufacturing business of his own operating out of the basement of a local department store.

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Bijoux Terner

Salomon Terner’s daughter, Rosa, decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and joined the company.

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Orinally established strictly as a jeweler, the company soon began distributing custom desned jewelry at wholesale prices out of malls and merchandise marts.

Bijoux terner sport watch instruction manual:

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