<i>Tektronix</i> TDS3054B 500 MHz 4 Channel Dital Phosphor Oscilloscope.

Tektronix tds 3054b manual

Tektronix TDS3054B 500 MHz 4 Channel Dital Phosphor Oscilloscope.

Later Tektronix would add in plug-ins to have the scope operate as a spectrum analyzer, waveform sampler, cable tester and transistor curve tracer.


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"Tek" is an American company best known for manufacturing test and measurement devices such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and video and mobile test protocol equipment. "Jack" Murdock invented the world’s first trgered oscilloscope in 1946, a snificant technological breakthrough.

<strong>Tektronix</strong> TDS3054C, 500 MHz, 4 Channel, Analog Oscilloscope, 5.

TDS 200-Series Dital Real-Time Oscilloscope User Manual

Orinally an independent company, it is now a subsidiary of Fortive, a spinoff from Danaher Corporation. The company traces its roots to the electronics revolution that immediately followed World War II. Allen Du Mont personally tried the 511 at an electronics show and was impressed, but when he saw the price of $795, which was about twice as much as his equivalent model, he told Howard Vollum at the show that they would have a hard time to sell many.

Tektronix TDS3054B Dital Oscilloscope 500 MHz, 5 GS/s ATEC

Several charities are or were associated with Tektronix, including the Tektronix Foundation and the M. In the late 1950s (1957–58), Tektronix set a new trend in oscilloscope applications that would continue into the 1980s.

Tektronix tds 3054b manual:

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