<b>OSS</b> <b>Sabotage</b> <b>Manual</b> — Keith Thomson

Oss simple sabotage manual

OSS Sabotage Manual — Keith Thomson

, a classified booklet of tactics to help the European resistance movements destroy the Axis occupation forces from within.


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More than 70 years later, these same behaviors still lurk in our midst, causing dysfunction and inefficiency in the modern workplace.

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While most of the manual details physical acts of sabotage like slashing tires and draining fuel tanks, this page describes eht tactics for “General Interference with Organizations and Production.” It includes tips for wasting time (“insist on doing everything through ‘channels’” and “bring up irrelevant issues as frequently as possible”) and how to bring efficiency to a halt (“refer all matters to committees”).

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These were small, untraceable acts of sabotage desned to wear down the enemy over time and help the Allies win the war.

Oss simple sabotage manual:

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