Hi-<strong>Lift</strong> <strong>Jack</strong> Operating Instructions - YouTube

Hi lift jack manual

Hi-Lift Jack Operating Instructions - YouTube

SOME recovery accessories have cutting-edge desns, are easy to use and can dramatiy increase safety. They’re heavy, almost laughably low-tech, and they have the potential to put a grown man in hospital with a bag full of previously attached teeth.


Hi-Lift Jack 485 48" Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack.

Despite this, they are without doubt the most versatile piece of recovery equipment you can buy and should have a place in any tourer worth its salt.

Instruction <b>Manual</b> - Hi-<b>Lift</b> <b>Jack</b> Company

Instruction Manual for Hi-Lift Jacks - Download Hi-Lift product.

Unlike more niche products, the hh-lift is so versatile due to its simplicity – in basic form it’s essentially a huge mechanical lever.

How to Using a hh-lift jack - 4X4 Australia

Using a range of various attachments, tourers can utilise that force and perform a huge range of jobs with the one tool: strahten bent steering rods; press in uni joints; turn a vehicle around on the spot; it can even double as a hand winch.

Hi lift jack manual:

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