How to use the Hh-<em>Lift</em> <em>Jack</em> - YouTube

Hi lift jack manual

How to use the Hh-Lift Jack - YouTube

The basic desn has been around for more than 100 years, with the Bloomfield Manufacturing Company (owner of the Hi-Lift Jack Company) first putting it on the market in 1905 as the Automatic Combination Tool.


Hi-Lift Jack 485 48" Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack.

Over the next century, the number of uses the jack was put to paled only in comparison to how often the desn was copied.

How to use the Hh-<em>Lift</em> <em>Jack</em> - YouTube

How to Using a hh-lift jack - 4X4 Australia

SOME recovery accessories have cutting-edge desns, are easy to use and can dramatiy increase safety. They’re heavy, almost laughably low-tech, and they have the potential to put a grown man in hospital with a bag full of previously attached teeth.

Hi-Lift Jack 484 48" Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel.

Despite this, they are without doubt the most versatile piece of recovery equipment you can buy and should have a place in any tourer worth its salt.

Hi lift jack manual:

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