<strong>Dell</strong> <strong>Precision</strong> <strong>Workstation</strong> <strong>670</strong> eBay

Dell precision workstation 670 service manual

Dell Precision Workstation 670 eBay

I already have 4gb of ram ECC REG dual channel kit, but when i tried to put 4 more it doesn't work and it wouldn't to screen!! it says in order to have more than 4g of ram you need a memory fan shroud!


Dell Precision Workstation 670 Manual - Dell

Do you know wat kind of memory fan shroud i need for my precision 670?

<b>Dell</b> <b>Precision</b> <b>Workstation</b> 470 and <b>670</b> Computers User's Guide

Dell Precision Workstation 470 and 670 Computers User's Guide

Or any kind of memory fan shroud that works for the precision 670? He part number is W5620You can buy one by contacting Dell Sales Support at 1-800-624-9897 (Home/Office) or by ordering online. For Small Business, it is 1-877-773-3355, and for Medium & Large Business, it is 1-877-671-3355.

Dell Precision 670 Owner's Manual

Good luck finding the part online at Dell's site, I couldn't.

Dell precision workstation 670 service manual:

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