Sell <b>Ammco</b> 9815 Rht Angle Drive for <b>Ammco</b> <b>Lathe</b> rotor feed.

Ammco 3850 brake lathe manual

Sell Ammco 9815 Rht Angle Drive for Ammco Lathe rotor feed.

I always wanted to have a brush company create a hinged brush that had putter brush angle to the heads that would work so much better.. He saved my butt, avoiding making some serious disassembly mistakes.


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I found Andy ed brakelathespecialist on ebay, who has been supplying me with great instruction on easy steps to take for the rebuild. So if you buy an old Ammco 3000 brake lathe, plan on spending about that much. Hi Wayne, I'll have to keep your "bristle brush" tip in mind, jury-r something myself to keep the machine clean. Yes, the machine came with everything in doubles plus more with nothing missing as far as I can tell, and it all seems to be in good condition.

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- main arbor shaft 1" (orinal mht be ok, but was beat up badly, and worn threads) - deep nut for main arbor 1" (just to match the threads on new arbor) - the left & rht accordion style dust boots (old ones broken) - front cross-feed dust cover (old one broken) - feed screw dust cover in lower-rht area (old one broken) - left & rht main oil seals (old ones okay, just did them to be complete) - rear seal hidden behind the drive pulley (old one leaking) - tool post stud (threads on old one worn badly) - one piece clamp nut (old one was multiple pieces and worn) - 2 red tri-wing thumb screws (old ones were messed up) If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I used an old Ammco brake lathe years ago and so I am familiar with this machine and adapters & the rest. I just joined today, still learning the forum ropes here.

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My next door nehbor owned an auto shop business his whole life and recently retired so he gave me his old Ammco 3000 brake lathe. It has many decades of oil soaked brake dust and metal bits.

Ammco 3850 brake lathe manual:

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