<strong>Legend</strong> of <strong>Kyrandia</strong> Malcolm's Revenge, The Book Three -75% on.

Legend of kyrandia game manual

Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge, The Book Three -75% on.

What really amazed me about the game was the intro when they did the focusing from hand to head and then to thewindow. Overall, smooth animation even on a 286 (very enjoyable).


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Now, let's get started: We start off as Brandon the grandson of...

The <em>Legend</em> of <em>Kyrandia</em> Video <em>Game</em> - TV Tropes

The Legend of Kyrandia, Book 3 Malcolm's Revenge - The Legend.

Leave the cave to the rht and go north and north again.

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The graphics are truly amazing and the sound track was pretty pleasant also.

Legend of kyrandia game manual:

Rating: 100 / 100

Overall: 89 Rates