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Kitchenaid superba fridge user manual

Kitchenaid Refrerator User Manuals Download - ManualsLib

The only issue is the dital display panel will not be lit.


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If after a power outage, your refrerator is cooling or not cooling, you will usually need to reset the front display panel.

How to Fix a Refrerator With a Drain Pan

Kitchenaid User Manuals Download - ManualsLib

Our power went out for a few hours and now we can’t get the display panel working again. The only issue is that the display is not working and not showing the numbers. Usually after a power outage your refrerator will reset itself.

Refrerator Display Panel Is Blank Not

I have heard you can press a button on the display and it will reset it. The fridge and freezer section should be working just fine after the power outage.

Kitchenaid superba fridge user manual:

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