<em>John</em> <em>Vanderslice</em> - <em>Trance</em> <em>Manual</em> - Video

John vanderslice trance manual

John Vanderslice - Trance Manual - Video

At Vanderslice's Web site, you can read an exhaustive account of how he put together his 2002 album .


John Vanderslice- Trance Manual - Video

(Sample passage: "The blown out drum sound was created by sending a very hot snal off the board into the mic input of an Ibanez AD202 delay and tweaking the regeneration knob until pure chaos is reached.") There's no equivalent concordance for , an excellent 2005 album that finds Vanderslice looking askance at war, medication, and celebrity worship.

Artists <em>John</em> <em>Vanderslice</em> - Rough Trade

Artists John Vanderslice - Rough Trade

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