Bug #337133 “<b>Pdf</b> file silently fails to print” Bugs

Hp deskjet 952c manual pdf

Bug #337133 “Pdf file silently fails to print” Bugs

Due to being able to set so many different options separately you can even make rather exotic non-HP printers printing.


General FAQ for Print Server - Edimax US

It is known to work reasonably well with a wide assortment of PCL 3 inkjet printers.

Bug #337133 “<b>Pdf</b> file silently fails to print” Bugs

PC Known Problems - Educational Fontware

This driver has many options (enter the command "man gs-pcl3" in a terminal window to get more information), so you can do a lot of fine-tuning, but do not expect perfect results with the default settings.

Psdcmyk device - Details of Ghostscript output devices

Generic Instructions: CUPS, PPR, LPD/LPRng/GNUlpr, PDQ, no spooler, PPD aware applications/clients, Important for Windows clients: The CUPS Post Script driver for Windows has a bug which makes it choking on PPD files which contain GUI texts longer than 39 characters.

Hp deskjet 952c manual pdf:

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