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I sifted through more recent threads on this forum but I want to have a take on more recent machines.


Chef'sChoice Electric Sharpener Model 110 - Chef's Choice

I'm a home cook who uses knives daily but I don't give them the kind of use they'd get in a professional setting.

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I DON'T want to buy sharpening stones, no matter how superior they may be. I have a small set of Henckels knives (chef, santoku, boning, paring, etc.) and one Global 5" cook's knife. When you combine an electric motor with an abrasive stone, you have a machine that is desned to remove metal--your knives will "Shrink" every time you sharpen them...... Everytime you touch a blade to an abrasive stone you remove metal. Doesn't mater whether the driving force is an electric motor or your hands.

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I know the Global has a different edge from the Henckels, so I wonder if there's a machine that's not too expensive but could sharpen both blade styles. Electric sharpeners remove a lot more metal than by hand.

Chef's choice diamond hone sharpener 110 manual:

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