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I DON'T want to buy sharpening stones, no matter how superior they may be. I have a small set of Henckels knives (chef, santoku, boning, paring, etc.) and one Global 5" cook's knife. When you combine an electric motor with an abrasive stone, you have a machine that is desned to remove metal--your knives will "Shrink" every time you sharpen them...... Everytime you touch a blade to an abrasive stone you remove metal. Doesn't mater whether the driving force is an electric motor or your hands.


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I know the Global has a different edge from the Henckels, so I wonder if there's a machine that's not too expensive but could sharpen both blade styles. Electric sharpeners remove a lot more metal than by hand.

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It's not a good choice for Japanese knives, though, because there's only one edge angle. Should these scratches be removed with succesive finer grits, in the 8000 range, the edge is virtually scratch free, and therefore lasts longer.

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I sifted through more recent threads on this forum but I want to have a take on more recent machines.

Chef's choice diamond hone sharpener 110 manual:

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